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Ground Instrumentation & Engineering (GIE) is a multi-disciplinary organization, providing specialist geotechnical services, structural investigation & appraisal, and civil engineering testing for the building and construction industry.

GIE was founded and is managed by a team of highly experienced and skilled engineering professionals, with in-depth expertise in our core services. The Management Team also has wide ranging experience in public sector projects (eg DSTA, HDB, LTA, MOE, PUB), private sector projects (eg residential, commercial, industrial, oil & gas) and overseas projects (eg China, Middle East, India).

Our vision is to be a leader in providing specialist geotechnical, structural and foundation engineering services in Soil Investigation, Geotechnical & Structural Instrumentation & Monitoring, Structural Investigation & Appraisal, Piling, Soil Nail/Ground Anchor Installation, Well Installation and Civil & Structural Engineering Testing, associated with the building and construction industry. Our core expertise relates to major infrastructure, tall buildings, and underground structures.

GIE has invested in state-of-the-art equipment and development of capabilities, to ensure that we deliver the best quality in our services. The Management Team adopts a “hands on” approach to ensure that all projects are executed safely, professionally and efficiently, to surpass the ever increasing demands of complex projects of today.

GIE is a Singapore Building and Construction Authority (BCA) registered Contractor and Specialist Builder, a Singapore Accreditation Council Accredited Laboratory and an accredited Soil Investigation Contractor.
BCA Registration and Specialist Builder Licence

Workhead Title Specialist Builder Licence Download Certificate
CR08 Piling Works Specialist Builder Piling Works - SB(PW)
Eg. Piles installation and testing etc
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CR12 Ground Support & Stabilization Works Specialist Builder Ground Support & Stabilization Works - SB(GS)
Eg. Installation and testing, Ground Anchors, Soil Nails, Shotcreting etc
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CR15 Site Investigation Works Specialist Builder Site Investigation Works - SB(SI)
Eg. Field investigations, exploratory drilling, in-situ plate loading tests, installation and monitoring of geotechnical instruments etc
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Singapore Accreditation Council Accredited Laboratory

The Singapore Laboratory Accreditation Scheme (SAC-SINGLAS) accredits laboratories conducting tests, calibrations and measurements.

Accreditation under SAC-SINGLAS is a process which assesses and recognises the technical competence and the effective management processes of a professional service provider and its staff.

Field of Testing Download Schedule
Civil Engineering Testing  SINGLAS_Schedule
Workplace Safety and Health Council bizSAFE Certification

bizSAFE certification recognizes an organization’s Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) capabilities. GIE’s Management Team is committed to WSH, and has acquired risk management capabilities and implemented a Workplace Safety and Health Management System in order to achieve quantum improvements in safety and health standards at the workplace.

Certification Download Certificate


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