Ground Instrumentation & Engineering (GIE) provides the following services:


Soil Investigation & Interpretation of Geotechnical Data

GIE provides accurate geotechnical investigation and engineering reports for optimum solutions to project design and construction.
  • Standard Penetration Test
  • Undisturbed / Piston Soil Sampling
  • Mazier Sampling
  • Diamond Rock Coring
  • Cone Pentration Test
  • Pressuremeter Test
  • Field Vane Shear Test
  • In-situ Permeability Test
  • Packer Test
  • Mackintosh Probe
  • Plate Load Test
  • In-situ Density Test
  • Environmental Baseline Study Field Works
  • Geophysical Survey
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Geotechnical, Tunnel & Structural Instrumentation & Monitoring

GIE provides geotechnical & structural instrumentation to monitor lateral and vertical ground movement, pore water response, and other aspects of geotechnical and structural behaviour in response to construction or other activities. Such monitoring can be manual or configured for real time monitoring and web based access.

We also provide Automated Tunnel Monitoring Systems as required by LTA DBC for engineering works within Railway Reserve.

GIE has been involved in instrumentation for various projects, including:
  • Slope monitoring and stabilization
  • Soil improvement
  • Embankments
  • Deep excavations
  • Tunnels
  • Buildings
  • Ultimate pile load tests
  • Inclinometer / In-place Inclinometer
  • Piezometer (Pneumatic, Vibrating Wire, Cassagrande types)
  • Water Standpipe
  • Tiltmeter
  • Electro-level Tilt or Beam Sensor
  • Crackmeter
  • Tape Extensometer
  • Magnetic Extensometer
  • Rod Extensometer
  • Settlement Monitoring (Level Survey or Prism Survey)
  • Pressure Cell
  • Mackintosh Probe
  • Load Cell
  • Vibrating Wire Strain Gauge (VWSG) for Struts or Structural Elements
  • Temperature Monitoring (also for large concrete pours)
  • Vibration Monitoring
  • Noise Monitoring
  • Water Quality Monitoring
  • Automated Tunnel Monitoring System
  • Real Time Remote (Tunnel) Vibration Monitoring
  • Pile Load Test / Diaphragm Wall Instrumentation (VWSG and Tell-Tale Extensometer)
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Vibration & Noise Monitoring

GIE provides manual or real-time vibration and noise monitoring. This includes real time remote vibration monitoring in rail tunnels.
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Piling, Soil Nail/Ground Anchor Installation

GIE has capabilities for installation of micropiles using Casagrande C6 and Soilmec SM14 drilling rigs.

Our experience include alternative foundation design using micropiles when other foundation systems are inappropriate, and Singapore Housing Development Board Main Upgrading Projects (HDB MUP) and Lift Upgrading Projects (HDB LUP).
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Recharge / Relief Well Installation

GIE has capabilities for installation of wells using Casagrande C6 and Soilmec SM14 drilling rigs.

Our experience include recharge-well installation for Land Transport Authority Mass Rapid Transit projects.
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Structural Investigation & Appraisal

GIE provides structural investigation and appraisal services for various existing structures. Investigation of existing structures are conducted to ascertain dimensions, reinforcement details and in-situ strength of materials and other details or existing conditions of the structures, when as-built information is not available.

Investigation of existing structures include:

  • Dimensional Measurement
  • Detailing of Structural Elements
  • Foundation Investigation and Evaluation
  • Determining existing Material Strength
  • Determining existing Material Durability
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Civil & Structural Engineering Testing

GIE provides Civil & Structural Engineering Testing which include the following:

  • Plate Loading Test
  • Insitu Compaction Density by Nuclear Density Gauge
  • Insitu Compaction Density by Sand Replacement Method
  • Coring to Concrete and Concrete Compression Test
  • Cone Pentration Test
  • Field Vane Shear Test
  • In-situ Permeability Test
  • Mackintosh Probe
  • Low Strain Integrity Testing of Piles
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Low Strain Integrity Testing on Piles (PIT)

Low-strain testing (PIT) is one of the most versatile means of quality assurance when it comes to cast-in-place concrete foundations. Potential defects can be detected by the presence of reflected sonic waves measured at a specific time after the initial impact. Our professional services include the Pile Integrity Test (PIT) as a innovative way to determine the integrity of foundation piles.

Key Benefits of PIT:

  • Fast & economical
  • Detects the extent and location of pile or caisson damage
  • Easy to conduct test with completely portable self-contained equipment
  • Testing of a large number of piles within a short timeframe

The test system adopted by GIE is the sonic echo method. In essence this involves attaching a motion transducer to the top of the pile and imparting a sharp blow with a hammer. Full report of the results is can be issued through email to the Client shortly afterwards.

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